House Hold Services

Urban Waste Management in India

Providing you a Green household Services !

We offer India’s first digital recyclable pickup platform for Households and Small & Medium Enterprises. We also provide a customized recycling services larger housing societies.
  • Seamless pickup: Scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up.
  • Earn money: Earn more money by recycling more types of recyclables. Digital weighing, transparent pricing, and on-the-spot payment.
  • Go green: Network of certified recyclers to ensure all your waste finds a green end point.
  • Proper reporting with full transparency.

    Corporate Services

    Providing you a Green Sustainable Safe Industrial & Corporate Services for Normal Garbage & Hazardous waste

    Are you a corporate looking for a sustainable solution for your garbage,Hazardous waste & E-waste?
    We have a customized service to suit the requirements of corporate waste. We provide complete accountability of the waste picked up, backed by sustainability report and dashboard support& transparency.

  • Seamless pickup: Professional, scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up.
  • Sustainability and Utilization Certificates:We send quarterly sustainable and utilization report.
  • Dedicated Dashboard: Dedicated corporate dashboard with real time analytic for waste disposal and impact.
  • Go green: Network of certified recyclers to ensure all your waste finds a green end point.
  • Clean Environment

    Waste Composting Services in India

    Urban Waste Management Service

    Our Urban Waste Management solution includes professional, scientific on-site processing of organic waste, and recycling of all dry waste, reducing the waste out of the gate by up to 90%.
    Benefits include:
  • Greener Footprint:Reduce waste out of gate by up to 90% and leave a green footprint.
  • Hassle Free:Our R&D team has developed a scientific, fly-less and odourless process to manage your organic waste, producing high quality compost in the process.
  • Green & Organic Compost: Network of certified recyclers to ensure all your waste finds a green end point.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Comply with the latest Municipal Solid Waste regulation, MSW 2016.
  • Citizen Engagement: Residents or employees can learn in person about composting, recycling and other green initiatives from the WVI team.
  • Proper reporting with full transparency.

    Recycler Service

    Are you a certified recycler?
    We work with certified recyclers from across India. Our network of green recycler get access to bulk volumes and high quality waste.

    Waste Management Solutions at Artana

    Annual Maintenance Contract Of Any Brand/Machine Of Solid Waste Management

    Annual maintenance contract for your Any Solid Waste Management Recycling machine like:-

    Fully automatic waste composting machine or semi Automatic composting machine that takes care of all your organic kitchen& horticultural waste

    Any type of Shredders.

    Mechanical screening machine- Tromel Screen, Disc Screens, Vibratory screens, Disc Screens, Shredder and Conveyor belts.

    We have two types of AMC packages

    Non-Comprehensive AMC

    This type of maintenance contract is a flat rate for the support and service provided to the customer, cost of spares, taxes and transport is charged extra at actual.

    Comprehensive AMC

    This type of maintenance contract rate is inclusive of cost of spares and labour and all taxes and transport. It’s all inclusive rate.

    Scope Of Work

  • Manage day to day operations
  • Providing Semi-skilled labour to operate OWC plant.
  • Garbage segregation and management on daily basis
  • Supply of best quality supplies
  • Non-Comprehensive AMC
  • Emergency repairs assistance
  • Repairs and/or replacement of parts
  • Arrangements for travel/transport of labour and goods required for repairs
  • Arrangements for lodging and boarding of labour and visiting supervisors
  • Arrangement of paper work and formalities for performing the operation and maintenance activity.
  • Consulting on how to manage the solid waste composting in the best possible way.
  • Quarterly Machine Check: Includes internal and external inspection of all machine parts and overall function check of the machine.