How Independent Indian Waste Management Companies Are Contributing For A Better Tomorrow?

The idea of the consumer market has now crossed the geographical boundary of nations, and the entire world can be described as a consumer market in the digital era. Even if you take a look at the developed countries, they are yet to overcome the problem regarding solid waste management. As the second-largest populated country, India is also facing a severe crisis of solid waste management and many small and mid-sized urban waste management services in India have come forward to share the helping hands. If you search thoroughly, you will find several companies who are continuously working to overcome the problem of solid waste management in the country. Artana is one of the leading waste management companies in India that processes and manages waste for producing organic fertilizers, and their efforts have helped to make a difference.

Household Services

In most of the cases, household solid waste is dumped unscientifically, and later it is burned. It is not only harmful to the soil, but it is also dangerous for the environment. Since environmental concerns in India do not acquire sheer importance, a few waste management companies came forward to help. Artana has started India’s first digital recyclable pickup platform that encourages people to recycle the waste more. By recycling more waste, individuals can earn money and encourage others to do the same. Individuals only have to get in touch, and the professionals will come to the doorstep to collect your trash. Transparent pricing, digital weighing and on-spot payment make it hassle-free for all and such initiatives are making a difference.

Corporate Waste Management

Artana waste management also offers safe and sustainable industrial and Corporate Waste Management Services so that you can get rid of the hazardous procedure. In order to suit the varied requirements of the companies, Artana has started offering customized corporate waste management service, and it has helped many companies in the handling of corporate waste. Similar to household waste management services, the professionals will collect the trash, and they will send sustainable and utilization reports to the companies. There’s a dedicated corporate dashboard that will show the analytics, and it has helped companies to manage the solid waste in a unique way.

Urban Waste Management Services

Organic waste can be used for making compost for plantation, and Artana has started offering Urban Waste Management Services in several cities. The programme focuses on the recycling of dry waste and scientific on-site processing of organic waste so that green footprints are left. The programme also trains individuals about recycling, composting and other eco-friendly ideas for a better future.

Recycler Service

The company also works with certified recyclers across the country, so that similar interest and joint effort lead to better outcomes. Apart from this, the company is open of annual maintenance contract for solid waste management, and the efforts are making a difference in the long run.
Artana is a reputed waste management company in Gujarat , and their green initiatives have helped in recycling tons of household waste, hazardous corporate waste and e-waste so far. The company is working on several projects, and this is how Independent waste management companies are contributing for a better tomorrow.