Does The Use Of Machines Indicate A Brighter Future For Efficient Waste Management In India?

As solid waste management has become a serious concern for India, a few Indian startups came forward to accept the challenge of solid waste management. Artana, the Gujarat based waste management company in India , was one of those startups, which focused on making organic compost and fertilizers using solid waste, and it became an online sensation. The primary aim of the waste management companies was to improve the standard of living ensuing better quality of lives, and they have launched several programmes, services and products to reach up to the goal. Artana waste management company has launched several machines for efficient waste management, and the inventions are indicating a brighter future for solid waste management.

Semi-Automatic Composting Machines

The company has launched multi-function semi-automatic composting machines to speed-up the process of decomposition. Operating this machine is very simple, and it can help to save on the cost of fertilizers forever. One needs to process the materials in separate batches, and it will take a maximum of 15 days to prepare high-quality compost. You will need a separate curing system to control the humidity, and it will put an end to the hassle of organic waste management forever.

Dewatering Composting Machine

Artana’s dewatering machine is specially designed for mud/slurry treatment, and it is also known as the solid-liquid separation unit. The machine has two main parts, one is high-speed VFD centrifuge, and another is a chemical adding unit. At first, you have to complete the flocculation process through chemical adding. Once it is done, the high-speed centrifuge needs to be used for separating solid-phase and liquid phase. The company has also introduced another machine with a similar mechanism, but the liquid part can be utilized for biogas with anaerobic reactions, and it is impressive.

Automatic Organic Composting Machine

Artana’s organic food waste machine in India has become very popular, and it can help to reduce the use of toxic pesticides that are being used in agriculture. The system is fully automatic, and you don’t have to control anything manually. The steel construction indicates optimum built quality, and the in-built shredder and automatic temperature control make it hassle-free for the users. The machine is maintenance-free, odourless and noiseless, thus making it a perfect choice for farmers or amateur gardeners, who look out for high-quality compost.

Rotary Composting Machine

Artana’s rotary composting machine uses a conveying system and stainless steel shredder for the production of high-quality organic compost. The machine can process almost every type of organic waste, and it can process a large quantity of waste at a time. Operating rotary composting units are very simple, and you don’t have to be an expert. One needs to bring waste and add it to the unit. The hopper in the machine will break the organic waste into small sizes, and it will make decomposition easier.
Artana has always focused on the scientific approach for solid waste management, and the machines have helped processing tons of waste, which is a great achievement for the company. The company is also working on other projects, which is indicating a prosperous future for efficient waste management in India.