Composting Machines at Artana

Did you know India collects an approximate of 15 thousand tons of solid waste every day and Forty three million tons annually? Out of which 20% is processed and the 80% is dumped in landfill sites.(Out of which 11.9 million are treated and 31 million are dumped at landfill sites.) If this scenario continues we would require a landfill as big as Bengaluru by 2030.

Artana is one company that stands as a dominating leader in processing and managing the waste to produce highly nutrient fertilizers.

Using Artana’s waste composting machine working model we add the waste from the top into the organic composite tank which has a heater at the base, filled with microscopes and accompanied with mixing blades. The blades rotate to mix the composition. The blades, heat, moisture and the microscope work together to turn the waste into compost .

There are several benefits that Artana guarantees to provide with this compost produced to reduce pollution and improve waste management and help India have a healthy tomorrow.

Few benefits are listed below:

    ● Compost reduces greenhouse gases
    ● Compost improves soil quality
    ● Compost helps clean up contaminated soil
    ● Compost helps control erosion
    ● Reduces landfill waste
    ● Introduces valuable organisms to the soil

Artana being a one stop solution, waste management company has various composting machines.

A few are listed below:

1) Automatic Organic Composting machine ;-The Artana Automatic is fully automatic and compact in size, all stainless Steel construction, processes all types of organic waste, Noiseless, Odorless, Maintenance-free, No harmful gases are let out and does not need a skilled person to operate it. The process is fully automatic and involves temperature controlled processing of the waste. The machine has an inbuilt shredder that shreds the waste material thereby reducing the decomposition time and enhancing the efficiency and quality of the compost.

2) Semi Automatic Composting Machines;-The mufti-function machine that produces higher compost quantities in comparison to the Compost-24. It requires a separate curing system and takes 12-15 days to produce high quality compost. The compost machine processes the materials in batches and is left to be cured in the curing system for 12-15 days in a humidity-controlled atmosphere in the presence of air.

3) De-watering composting :- Dewatering system, also called as solid-liquid separation unit, is used for waste mud / slurry treatment, which mainly consists of high-speed VFD centrifuge and chemical-adding unit. Flocculation is performed to the solid phase in mud / slurry through chemical-adding, then the solid-phase and liquid-phase is separated by high-speed VFD centrifuge

4) De-watering composting + Biogas- - Dewatering system, also called as solid-liquid separation unit, is used for waste mud / slurry treatment, which mainly consists of high-speed VFD centrifuge and chemical-adding unit. The mechanism is same as above, only the liquid part can be used as biogas with anaerobic reactions.

5) Rotary Composting :-The Composter is designed to efficiently treat all kinds of organic waste materials. The technology uses only top quality product including a stainless steel shredder and conveying system and inside lining to completely protect the rotating composter from rust caused by moisture. Waste is added in the unit from the hopper fixed on the Shredder that breaks it down into small size for easy decomposition. The shredded waste is conveyed into rotary composter through a stainless steel conveying system.

With a vision of making a clean India which has systems in place to ensure that every citizen disposes of their waste correctly and feels a sense of civic responsibility and national pride regarding cleanliness. A healthier India with improved living standards and a better quality of life is what Artana aims to accomplish.

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